Late Nano is Complete


It took us another half month, but we have finished our project for Nanoreno this year!

If you’re interested, take a look here!


Nano Update

Oh my. It seems the team grew quite a bit the past couple weeks. There’s even a possibility of the nano being expanded on in the future. However, that will ONLY happen if the nano is received well.

No point in expanding something that is lackluster, yes?

And I do want to confirm that I still don’t have a twitter, or planning on getting one.

BUT. One of the team members created one for the group, so feel free to take a looksy here~

Next time I post will probably once the nano is complete!

Have a lovely day~

It’s March, Which Means…

Nanoreno has arrived once more.

My apologies for the late post, but I didn’t want to make a post until we had a pretty little “something” to look at.

This year, I’m working with Fungii and Camy to create another horror otome visual novel.

The link to the project is as usual, here on itchio.

Be sure to look forward to it!

Another Short Project Starting Soon

Greetings, I am temporarily breaking my silence. For the next 30 days starting on October 12th, I’m going to be putting my current project on the backburner to participate in a jam on itchio. No details yet, as I’m still attempting to gather a team.

I’m not dead, just don’t really have anything to show when it comes to bigger projects since no art yet.

I will write another post once the jam begins and I at least have a title ready.

A Gift

As a form of apology for those who were waiting for What Your Name’s gallery, I had written a short side-story that goes along with the visual novel. I’ve had it sitting in my documents for a few months, trying to figure out how to share it with you all.

I could’ve published it as an ebook, but that would mean not everyone would have the chance to read it. It was only recently that I discovered that WordPress itself has the feature I’ve been needing.

So if you wish to learn a little more about the world I’ve created, all you need is the Lampir’s name.


WYN Side Story: Laurie